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 Thursday 05-22-08

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Just Alex
Le frenzy is good

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PostSubject: Thursday 05-22-08   Fri May 23, 2008 1:48 am

Val having his period, we did quite bad on monks at the beginning, but well, seemed like it was enough.

1st match, warrior's, n/a

They ran the 3frontliners, signet mesmer build. We ran into them, killed them, failed at monking, endured some losses, then push them hard. Our warriors frenzied well, game's over, gg.

2nd match, imperial's, r700ish(?)

Can't remember much of the match except at VoD. Val and I were focusing on the npc's, we let everyone in our team dies (cool monks eh?), but our archers did quite a good job-->we wipe them, gg.

3rd match, imperial's, r?

I went on frontline with shin, while we guested a monk from the ally. They had an aod sin splitting. And we soooo failed agasint him. We let him get our archers, he even got to our knights! We had a w and a rit against him, but because of the lack of snares, they had difficulties taking him out of the game. We even let them boost because of poor flagging on our side. At the flagstand, i try to caress people with my hammer, but the bsurge didnt like the idea. So he kept spamming bsurge at me:(

Nevermind, some spikes later, we have the moral advantage, but it was too late. VoD was here, and our monks couldnt stand the pressure of the archers and the derv. We go for a last gank, failed terribly at it (where to go, omg!) and lost. Gg to them.

4th match, burning, r?

They re running a sway with olias; i have my big hammer in one hand and shin frenzies well, we kill them, they die, they fall back, we push on them, they base rez, we wipe them again, gg.

5th match, druid's, les ames repenties, r600

It was a super gay defensive match:( they had 2 defensive eles and we had our ugly build. Oddly enough, despite all their defensive skills we managed to put some pressure, while they got some spikes through. On a side note, im sure val let me die on purpose, but well, i guess ill never know. We scored a few kills because of their bad positioning and my linebacking while shin was on their monks. Shame on me, linebacking in our build:(

VoD came, and our archers totally wipe them. Fortunately for us because i remember dying a lot at VoD^^ I got a nice splinter on me at one point and farmed the bodyguards and the archers close to him. We make a final push, they collapse, here comes the victory. Gg

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PostSubject: Re: Thursday 05-22-08   Fri May 23, 2008 2:13 am

Against the heroway team, did they had a dc? It was sooo damn easy. I honestly thought it was the worst heroway team ever.

Against the sin, we should just take a Rit/E in that build that split defensive just fine and can snare bitches running around. Icy Shackles on split is gg. ps: their rank was 4000+, fail.

Last match was boring. But even though the archers killed you guys a few time our archers never ever died (even tho their bodyguard did target our archers). In the end our archers did kill theirs while our meatshields got ressed.
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Thursday 05-22-08
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