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 Saturday - 14-6

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PostSubject: Saturday - 14-6   Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:35 am

Ladder, same build as past days

The Slepnir +2
The Spiteful Hunters +3
'Lots of chinese characters' +2

Irresistible Blokes -3
We outsplit them, get morales, get npc's. Get blocked at vod when monks misposition. We screwed up at vod, but otherwise had the match.

AT - 5 Matches

1: Can you hear me [guys] - Druids

Same build, no changes. We outsplit them, get morales, get kills, some outer archers. And when the match was already in our favor, 1 of their wars left. +16

2: Hoh Is Still Far [Away] - Imperial

A fairly new guild. Running dervs and signets. We split and they respond semi well, when we split they couldn't get pressure in and get archers and some of their splits dead. When we got everything but lord chamber they resign. +10

Ladder match in between trying out the build we gonna run on Jade. People where lagging and bitching. In the end we got back and get the upper hand but we had to resign for the next match. Tho imo the match was still usefull, otherwise I would have to play a bar I neve ran before xD -3

3:Wild Stormcats - Frozen

Mirror with the biggest difference them running ba, we cripshot. Them dual axe (or axe + hammer) while we ran a shadowstep axe with an hammer. We split 4/4 at start and they counter split very well. Our main team (woh, hammer + mesmer) dies to an exact mirror. Causing the split to regroup, thankfully at the cost of no archers. However since we ran a flag out at start we get a morale. 8v8 they suffer more, and any split attempt is closed down by us. At vod we are in a better position, them on dp and their end gank (ranger and later an ele) is being dealth with quite easily. +10

4: Dont Mess With The Don - Jade

We kinda decided to run the R/A to counter dervs and sig mesmers, but they run balaned with icy shackles while we run a sig mesmer and a domi mesmer plus water ele. We can't shut down their water ele at all, not a single skill ever. Besides some spikes we can't harm them much and the r/a bar is total crap (beyond crap) with blurred vision 24/7 on you. A monk dies, doesn't get ressed inside 8 seconds causing the monk to baseress whas basically the end.

5: You Failed - Corrupted

They run a Glad type of build with a wod nec and some r/a war thing at main with a mo/d runner. We run our usual build again. We wipe their split while our main suffers some deaths, we get some npc's and they baseress. Basically the entire rest of the match can be described as we trying to kill their stand monk (1 monk) when we have 2 wars and a mesmer there, but not getting it. At VoD we are around 5 npc's behind and get crushed.
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday - 14-6   Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:24 pm

Ohoh, you guys did the at! Plus u get on obs mode... Im so jealous:(

Though it seems, u didnt do rly well against mkay and uF^^

What builds did u run apart from the split one?

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PostSubject: Re: Saturday - 14-6   Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:51 pm

We ran the split on 4 maps. on Jade, we replaced the Hammer with a Hattering Assault (?) R/A and the ranger with a signet mesmer. The Water ele dropped Shatterstone, Healing Breeze and Armour of Mist for Icy Shackles, Blurred Vision and Enfeebling Blood
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PostSubject: Re: Saturday - 14-6   

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Saturday - 14-6
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