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 Thursday 05-15-08

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Just Alex
Le frenzy is good

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PostSubject: Thursday 05-15-08   Fri May 16, 2008 2:36 am

Heres the awsome monk bar i played:

Do I have to say that we lost?

On a more serious note, we had a total of 4 matches, 2 wins/2 losses, leading to a huge +1

1st match: Nomad's, 550ish guild.

They ran a balanced build with a derv instead of a warrior. I just recall seeing you splitting once or twice, sending the mesmer to own their bsurge, both teams boosted at one point or another (not sure though). Then VoD came and [Yumy] went away. Gg to them.

2nd match: ??

I was just on vent, and I didn't understand anything^^ Anyway, we had a +3, which is cool.

3rd match: Nomad's, r800ish french guild, Les Weufeux [WF]

This is where Ody and I came in. I was monking with val (or the other way round: Val was monking with me) and Ody was on ranger. As the match begins we all rushed to the flagstand, and then my monk buddy decided to start the match with a great failure: casting aegis at the same time as I. Tsss, well done val! Running pdrain doesnt allow you to do bshit!

Nevermind, the fight begins, I'm monking like Alesia while Val is too busy pdraining stuff instead of protting. No surprise then to see a party wipe for the [Yumy] guys. We fall back to our base, wait for the base rez and then push them back. I can't recall anything after that, except that i was doing way better and val was hitting stuff with pdrain. We have the upperhand on the match now and VoD is on its way. The only other event worth noticing before 18:00, was Ody dying all alone on the map. Definitely worth mentioning.

At VoD, we spank them hard, and get a +2, gg-

4th match: Nomad's r550ish guild

I must admit that i was a little bit jealous of val running pdrain, so we decided that both of the monks would run it. Well...it didnt work so well...I'd even say we sucked. 100% of sucking. The match was lost after 3mins, we never came back but waited til the very end before resigning. Gg to them.

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PostSubject: Re: Thursday 05-15-08   Fri May 16, 2008 11:04 pm

i pdrains aegis = wipe for them
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Thursday 05-15-08
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