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 June ATs and MAT

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PostSubject: June ATs and MAT   Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:27 pm

What about doing the june mat guys? Yumy for gold imo. Kidding aside, it can be fun and we might get a bronze trim according to val:p

Heres the map rotation, and some thoughts for each of them build-wise.

Isle of the druids

I'd say we run a split build with strong templates to push for the ennemy runner and get the outsides archers. Our current one basically^^


I have the feeling we re gonna meet lots of dervishes and signet mesmers on this map. I remember last time we tried to split on this map, it was kinda tricky, so we could just run the old strong 8v8 build with a cruel spear paragon and a bsurge with lorb, gale, freezing gust and blurred vision?


We should be able to win with our split build, val was even thinking of playing with another ele instead of the mesmer. We could give it a try.


Tricky map. It makes the split quite difficult to deal with because of the corals when you fall back. I was thinking of running a lolilol split with shadow steps and self heal everywhere so it could help. Val was more into trying an 8v8 build.


Lets just run a 4-4 split with our current build and keep switching teams all the time. We could drop the rit for a monk though, idk.

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June ATs and MAT
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