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 Tuesday 07-02

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PostSubject: Tuesday 07-02   Thu Jul 03, 2008 4:25 pm

After a couple of days of inactivity, we resumed gvgs with a new builds and some new players. Back to an 8v8 build with a cruel spear paragon and an icy shackles ele, we endured some losses though. Actually, we were exclusively losing^^

1st match, warriors, r400ish guild

They ran a balanced build with 2 guests from StP according to funky and one high ranked glad as a frontliner if i remember correctly. The match began quite well for us, we scored the first kills and were dominating to a certain extent. Then funky began running short on energy while i died on my high energy set. The mesmer rly was a pain then and we never got back into the game:( On a side note, they fired the cata on us, leading to massive /resign spike

2nd match, uncharted, r500ish guild

We run to the center of the map and begin to wipe them. Then around 2, i kinda dc'ed... Well its not exactly a dc, its more like me alt+tabing twice in a very short amount of time leading my computer to close gw... Embarassed

3rd match; wurms, r300ish guild

French TA guild with high ranked players i think. They ran a 4/4 split, glad-like, against which we tried to split defensively, but got outplayed on both grounds. We then fell back in our base, and tried to get back into the match. We managed to make it at one point. After losing some (many) npc's, we pushed through them, scoring a few kills and having them retrating. Then i did that alt+tab thing again Embarassed

4th match, wurms, r? guild

French guild, they ran a cool build with 3 frontliners, a magebane ranger and 2 eles. At the very beginning of the match we got wiped because of them doing big dmg:( I cant recall exactly what happend then, it was a mix between split and 8v8, we scored some skills, forced a moral boost, but they managed to take 3++ archers and 1 knight down. WHen VoD came, we killed their split, but then they boosted, and their npc's killed us basically... GG

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Tuesday 07-02
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