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 Saturday - 21-9

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PostSubject: Saturday - 21-9   Sun Sep 21, 2008 7:08 am


First match on Jade, we face a balanced build and they wipe under 3 minutes. Then it takes us another 12 minutes to wipe them again cause, well, they didnít dieÖ.

Next match on something versus something that we won.

Third match versus faggots running a faggot build with lots of faggoty skills (true story).
Alex calls bad spikes and thus they donít die cause I listen music and randomly stick my arrows in random eyes.

However I think, besides the bad calling alex had lots of fun that match.


We won cause in the end single keen arrows kill monks at 60dp

Then we switched a few spots, brutel ranger, shin 2nd war, and me on monk all cause someone had to leave. From this point of on the game was boring and not really fun to tell. Every match went to 28 minutes tiebreak cause we didnít push in ones they camp their base cause they found out they are crap.

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Saturday - 21-9
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