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 teusday 23-9

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PostSubject: teusday 23-9   Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:29 am

Match 1 vs some rank 300 guild an old member made a clever remark asking for australlian girls (cus thats the first thing you do, when you face a guild)..

It however, digged up some buried memories =(

So obviously I did not know what to do the entire match, with my dear lost beloved spear ripped through my heart. Anyway, the match was pretty even through out the 28min slightly 8v8 in our favour, however we gave their hammer war a free joyride for a long time. I donít like hammer wars joyriding me =(.

That point we wiped cause we res terribad. They push but we get baseressed and chainkill a lot, at 25min. so they send a ranger to get lord dmg with a single incendiary and we Rambo their base to get dmg in. Rangers listen on vent *wait, we gotta do something now!!* and go walk straight next to their snare mesmar in the hope he is blind and wont snare shit going for their base. They die before any dmg on their lord at all. Then at 27:40 our geusted war ninja resses ia ranger, shoots an ia on their lord and we win the game

Next matches I basically went afk but pretended to be there by spamming rc a lot, we played a couple on frozen who where really bad at playing sin (therefore did not deserve same rating as us) and some other crappies on frozen as well. Also some guild on imperial who played balanced, but werenít really good, tho I liked that match better then some shitters on r/d with assassins epeening themselves after every bb hits somebody.


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PostSubject: Re: teusday 23-9   Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:07 pm

Aha, poor Tosh^^

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teusday 23-9
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