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 17-05-2010 - Yumy back

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PostSubject: 17-05-2010 - Yumy back   Mon May 17, 2010 5:11 am

Fuck ye, we is back.

first match vs Mighty Korallenpushtactiics - Nomads
First spike on runner with no adrenaline goes through, flag advantage. Their split attempt (running 3 eles) fails at start, return saves the day when we push into their base.

Things to learn: we run dual ele for nomads however we do not make good use of it. You can force a flag advantage even easier on nomads then druids and once you are fighting on their sand because of these pushes you are in a good position. This requires clever play from the water ele and ranger, they need to be always alert of the incoming flagger and push for it whenever the opportunity arise. Also pay attention when something goes for our runner, bsurge deals with sins and rangers. Our ranger (plus war) deal with the moi when they are pushing our flagger. Countersplitting more clear communication, what was in our base was to late mentioned allowing a knight to die and those who need to go back, listen on vent. I know it's a bit harder when trying to get into a profession buy try and pay attention.

2nd match vs Owniz outta space - ?
edit alex makes me remember. they run gay hexes like how they run on obs but still decide to suck epic balls. Their runner dies but i can't count and he bases, so i run into their base and he dies again. Then they wipe some more cus they suck balls anyway.
i'm also epic sleepy

3rd match vs Its On - Nomads
They run a pressure build with fragility and 2 sins. Blue camps the base, assuming the ele will flag in? We have no pressure, spikes don't go through. A decent split attempt which they react to late but we can't get any other split off. Can't say much more, would have needed to obs it.

Things to learn: change playstyle when needed, either during 8v8 or get a split of faster. Don't play into a stalemate achieving nothing.

4th - The Frenzy Frogs of War - Warriors
Clearly french thus we win. We get footies rather easily down after pushing monks, footies down we secure morale after morale due a better position and they wipe sooner or later.

Things to learn: don't camp footie to long or kill it, the extra pressure from it can quickly become to much. Blue cannot flag ever again, you fails at it ^^.

epic paint stuff comes when i got time at work.
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PostSubject: Re: 17-05-2010 - Yumy back   Mon May 17, 2010 5:48 pm

Video of our game vs The Frenzy Frogs Art Of War [WnF] Smile (was that bored and happy to avoid revising)
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17-05-2010 - Yumy back
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