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 On a random friday

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PostSubject: On a random friday   Sat May 31, 2008 4:37 am

Shocking GvG's.

Omg Noobs [?????] - Burrrrrrrrrrrrning Isle

They had (not so) strong e/mo runner. GG. +2

Total Overconfidence [Te] - 300'ish. - Home Imperial

They are really strong and prevent me from getting archers, but I'm stronger and get War runner with ninja portal jump while both teams die to each others strong warriors. Then their strong archer dies 3 times and I get zaishen spiked by spear from strong rit runner. The rit gets bored of emoting and they send a strong guy (the one that i strongly killed) after me. At vod they have no splinter and our strong splinter does more damage then their rit who still tried to get ehugs from me. +3

Dreaming State [] - 900'ish - Frozen

I wipez their base and our team keeps dieing to strong dervs. I felt sorry for the other 7 and left the lord alive, so they felt good at the end for killing something. +2

The Witchers [TW] - 550'ish - Burrrrrrrrning

We splitzors and they diezorrs. We give them morale twice at vod and they winzorrs. -2

Black Thorns [??] - Something - Imperial

I splitz they send more then 1 faggot after me. I diez. With me out it is natural that we wipez. -2

Rawr build - to boring. -3
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On a random friday
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